Compact forklifts MARIOTTI

Compact forklifts MARIOTTI


The smallest electric forklift trucks in the world

The best solution for handling loads ranging from 400 to 1600 kg.


The compactness and quality of Marotti’s trucks makes them totally unique and it is these features that allow them to operate in particular situations in total safety and comfort. They can even replace pallet jacks, pedestrian low lift pallet trucks and stand-on stackers.

  • the smallest and most maneuverable forklift

The figures are explicit: reduced width till 805 mm, overall height under 2000 mm, L2 length from 1095 to 1615 mm, power steering, adjustable wheelbase and integrated side shift are standard specifications in all our range.

  • Multifunctional pallet truck

Suitable for multi-purpose use, Mariotti's electric trucks are capable of loading and unloading goods on lorries, trailers and in containers and handling and stacking them in warehouses, as well moving and transporting them around inside production and processing areas. Mariotti is very often the only solution for coping with a multitude of tasks, resulting in considerable savings in time and money.

  • Powerful truck

The efficiency and strength of our AC powered motors and the choice - on the Mycros range - of the traction best suited to your needs: rear-wheel drive (1 wheel), front-wheel drive (2 wheels), or all-wheel drive (3 wheels).

  • Accurate

The rack and pinion steering system, which Mariotti was the first to introduce on electric trucks of this size, is compact and reliable and guarantees the utmost accuracy when driving. The forks, clamps and other attachments, all manufactured to the customer's own specifications, make our electric trucks the perfect tool for those situations that require particular accuracy and attention.

  • Light service weight when needed

Being lightweight in certain circumstances can prove to be an enormous advantage. Like, for example, when working on mezzanine floors or on cargo lifts. Mariotti can supply innovative solutions that will optimise the service weight and the capacity of the truck, making it possible for it to operate in the best possible way in a given situation.

  • Environmentally Friendly

Zero emissions for workers and for working environments, thanks to an electric motor that is capable of tackling an 8 hour shift from one single battery charge, delivering performances that rival those of IC trucks.  Our forklifts have electrical braking with energy recovery system, and some models also include an economy drive mode.  

  • Tailor-made, just for you

Every standard product can be customised to suit your needs, from modifications of the chassis and mast, to the manufacture of special, made-to-measure, forks and attachments. To find out more visit our special machines section.

  • Swiss Quality Service

Throughout Switzerland, the NEUWERTH service and repair team takes care of your Mariotti bagel truck.



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