Fleet Management

Fleet Management gives you the ideal fleet of trucks for any task.

Imagine having a fleet of trucks that should always task. A fleet of trucks flexible not only guarantees optimal operations, it also frees upcapital and simplifies the budget. This is exactly what the Fleet Management Logistics offers by Neuwerth.

A growing number of companies discover the benefits of rental carts. They seem to have realized that a lease is the most effective response to fluctuating growing customer demands and market.

Compared to purchase our flexible leasing contracts provide a series of practical and financial benefitsAn effective fleet of truckscovenants to the task at optimal operating profile and to obtain an accurate and reliable budget without tying up capital, here are some of the key benefits.

How do you improve your warehouse operation on a daily basis?
Your business and your market are constantly evolving. And your material handling needs to go forward with them. Every day. By monitoring and managing your daily operation wisely your problems can be identified and solved. Talk to us about optimising your operation, or continue exploring this page.

How can Neuwerth Logsitics make your business more profitable?
Handling is always a cost. And cost reduction is an ongoing processThe space and warehouse staff represent 90 to 95% of the total costof storage. Equipment such as trolleys represent only 5 to 10%. Where do you expect to make more savingsTools and expertise to reduce your costs.

Tools and expertise to monitor and manage your daily operation
Do you know what costs you your truck fleetTake control by choosing the maintenance contract hire and adequate. Minimizingmaintenance needs is another crucial element of cost control. Use our checklist risk assessment to make your operations safer handling.