Maintenance for all brands of forklifts

Maintenance for all brands of forklifts

Repairs, safety checks and service


NEUWERTH repair shop

The safe use of forklifts depends critically on the maintenance. Suspension, brakes, steering, hoist, safety equipment and other equipment must function properly. A failure of these parts can lead to serious accidents.

A free check:

You have one or more forkliftsWe offer a free inspection of it to better inform you of its status.

Annual service (all brands):

Availability is the key to optimum handling and costEach hour during which a carriage is still a cost. To exploit the full potential of yourtruck, you need a quality service, an immediate response in emergency situations and solutions quickly and efficiently. By opting for an annual subscription, you get ready for any unforeseen and guarantee the good working of your truck at the best price.

The maintenance of forklifts is particularly important for the safety of its users. Please feel free to take advantage of our free check to see if your forklift needs repair.


Failure always happens at the wrong timeIn order to serve you still more closely, we perform the repair of your forkliftregardless of brandA replacement machine can be quickly made ​​availableFinally, thanks to our 12,000 pieces (unique) parts, speed and efficiency of intervention are warranted.

Throughout Switzerland, our technicians and our fleet of service vehicles imporatante well equipped we can perform minor repairsdirectly to you