Formation nacelle - Opérateur IPAF (jusqu’à 4 catégories)

Formation nacelle - Opérateur IPAF (jusqu’à 4 catégories)

Although the operation of the Lifting platforms may seem easy, it often happens of regrettable accidents. That is why every employer must ensure that its employees receive adequate training in order to reduce the risks.
Our courses are for people who want to use lifting platforms and wish to obtain a recognized training.
The different categories for IPAF training are as follows:

Category 1a - Vertical static: Vertical lifting platform with stabilizers

Category 1b - Static Boom: Self-Propelled Platforms with Stabilizers

Category 3a - Vertical Mobile: Vertical Scissor Lifting Platform (Operated from Platform)

Category 3b - Mobile Boom: Self-propelled articulated telescopic work platform (operated from the platform)

- For 1 selected category o Price per participant: 540.00 CHF
- For 2 selected categories o Price per participant: 690.00 CHF
- For 3 selected categories o Price per participant: 790.00 CHF
- For 4 selected categories - the 4th is offered o Price per participant: (instead of 890.00) 790.00 CHF

Discount for (group, in-company training, etc.)

The following are included in the training for each course:
- registration fees
- theoretical courses with documentation and manuals
- practical courses with the availability of the machines
- lunch (restaurant) without drinks
- the establishment of the IPAF-certified license


No training is available in English at the moment.

Si ces dates ne vous conviennent, c'est bien volontiers que nous nous tenons à votre disposition au 027 305 33 33, afin d'ouvrir de nouveaux cours ou de trouver une solution pour vous satisfaire au mieux.


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